Internship Program

The internship program, at Green Heron Growers, provides the unique opportunity to learn about organic practices on a small, successful farm. Our farm raises 100% grass-fed, heritage Red Devon beef, using MIG (managed intensive grazing) and Cornish Cross chickens using the moveable chicken tractor method. Our pastures, vegetables, fruits, shiitakes and chickens are NOFA-NY certified organic.

In no way are internships easy but they are rewarding. Intern work requires hard work and long hours, but offers the invaluable benefit of being a part of the inner workings of a farm. The focus of our internship program is to train future farmers in creating a successful, diversified farm. You will work closely with Green Heron farmer, Steve Rockcastle, as he supervises daily production chores and with Julie & Emily Rockcastle with harvesting, producing value-added products & marketing tasks.

Our most successful interns are well-balanced, physically fit, enthusiastic, positive thinkers and good communicators. You should be open to learning new methods of operation, be a problem solver and productive in your work habits.

What You'll Do

Greenhouse & Garden Beds: Ground prep, seeding, weeding, mulching, thinning, trellising, transplanting, watering, harvesting and insect monitoring

Livestock Production:
Cows: run polywire fencing and move cows to new paddocks, daily. Move mineral and water tubs and double check set-up.
Chickens: move chicken tractors, twice/daily. Feed, water and set-up tractors for predatory control. Participate in poultry butchering.

Shiitake Yard: Inoculating logs, staking, new yard set-up, soaking logs for fruiting & harvesting mushrooms

Market Prep: Harvesting, washing, sorting, packing, labeling all crops

Value-added Products: Food preservation of fruits, meats, vegetables and shiitakes

Marketing: Assist in the farm store and/or at farmers markets

Paperwork: Tracking production, harvest and sales data


Depends on experience and qualifications

*If you are looking to fulfill an internship requirement for school or another organization, we are happy to work with you to fulfill any requirements set by your advisor.


While previous farming experience is preferred, it is not required, but it is essential that the intern is committed to the farming lifestyle and all that it entails. Finding a good match between what our farm can offer and the needs and expectations of an intern are incredibly important. Interns are an essential part to the successful operation of our farm, each season.


Please fill out our Internship Application. If your qualifications meet our needs and specifications, we will contact you to schedule a phone or on farm (preferred) interview.

Internship Application

Thank you, Steve and Julie Rockcastle